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Who is the Unhackable Force made of?


The “Unhackable Force” is a movement of women who individually may be fierce, but together they are a FORCE ready to RESET, REDO, AND RECLAIM… a life of Favor.

Creating community through events, workshops, retreats and masterminds we collectively partner with growth minded women of all ages to:

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What Makes This Movement different?

Their goal is not only to empower others but be an example of what can happen when fierce women join together with mutual respect, encouragement, power, truth and vision ( and a lot of fun thrown in the mix) . 

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Creating a new paradigm for female community. Harnessing the magnetic abilities we each possess in order to wipe out competition and comparison to elevate one another to accomplish far more together than we can or would individually.

Unhackable Force Community

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Unhackable Force Based on our Book


THE UNHACKABLE FORCE is all about Closing the Gap to Reset, Redo and Reclaim a Life of FAVOR. A 30-Day Journey To Release Your Pain, Receive Your Permission, Rediscover Your Passion, And Rock Your Purpose.

Everyone not only has a story, everyone IS a story.  Age, experience, location, background, vocation, or education has little bearing on these stories called LIFE.  Very few people would say their life is one not requiring reset, retakes or redos. We can do this on our own, but why when we can band together and go to places far greater than we alone could ever accomplish.

Why is that?  Why are the best intended life stories often derailed or HACKED?  

PART 1 (DEBRA): helping us become unhackable when hell wont back down.
PART 2 (DAPHNE): unhacking your past as you break chains and make waves.
PART 3 (LISA): encouraging you to embrace yourself fully for unhackble passion.
PART 4 (NICCIE): unhacks your future so you can live/love/learn/lead fiercely.

More on Our Unhackable Online Course

Book & course Release September 21, 2021

Meet Your Unhackable Speakers


Deb Hayes author, coach, speaker

I’m an author, speaker, and coach who encourages others to overcome disappointments, heartaches, and tragedies that leave them “stuck” in life, especially after a loss.  

I experienced the loss of four children, abortion and its’ crippling aftermath,  loss of a parent, divorce, and financial ruin.

For years I hid behind a mask struggling. Later I discovered how to remove that mask and RISE above the circumstances of life without letting them define her life.

I lead you to turn your mourning into joy.


Daphne V Smith author, coach, speaker

I’m an author, truth-telling coach, and speaker who helps women live a life of design by:

✔️ Stopping Overwhelm
✔️ Ending Burnout
✔️ Stepping into their Purpose
✔️ Owning their Power

For over 25 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women ready for transformation using my proven  3-step process you will discover and develop the strategies you need for personal and professional advancement.

The women I work with are ready for breakthroughs and to break free.



I have a passion to help purpose-driven people learn the art of sharing their message so they can connect with the heart of their audience, grow their business, and impact the world.

I found my calling into public speaking when I won Mrs. International and became a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, Bristol Meyer-Squibb Pharmaceutical Company, Nationwide Insurance, and many others.  Discovering this framework was a real game-changer for me. My P3 Process© was built out of my desire to help others speak their passion. 



I’m an author, life & business coach, and speaker who elevates others into their SWEET SPOTwhere they get more out of life and work because they partner with God, know their divine purpose, and how to TAP INTO THE TRINITY offers. They learn to hear the voice of God, how to effectively call on Him, and to step out boldly knowing that He will provide, protect and propel you into greatness.

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What Are People Saying?


Have you ever felt “out of sorts?” You know that feeling of what you have been told or heard doesn’t match up with what your inner voice is saying to you. The authors of Unhackable Force will guide you through the lies and noise to discover Truth and empowerment. Realize and recognize your full fierceness. It’s in you waiting to be released.

Angela Crist author, coach, speaker


I’ve worked with Niccie for years, seeing how passionate she is about sharing ‘The Good News’ to transform  homes, communities, and ultimately the nation. The Unhackable Force book / program powerfully reaches the masses as Niccie, Deb Hayes, Daphne V Smith, and Lisa Moser connect with women in all areas of their faith and life… Helping them wipe out the footholds & overwhelm the world tries to hack us with.

Shemane Nugent Lifestyle and Healthy Living Expert

Kary Oberbrunner

When I published Unhackable and saw the impact it was having on the world I knew it was something I shouldn’t keep for myself. Shortly after publishing I was inspired to let others use the Unhackable process to impact the world to become unhackable in ways far more than I reach. I’ve had the privilge of working with all four of these women and THEY ARE A FORCE. I know this book with be unhacking women across this world to be an unhackable Force for ohers. 

Kary Oberbrunner CEO of ISPA, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author of Unhackable