Join The Legacy Leaders… Awaking The Living Legacy In You!


 Niccie will use the Legacy’s 4-Step process for living: Inspiring a  HEART OF HABITUE, where she leads others to go to the ‘Word’, call on God, live out our faith, and lift up the glory.

Consider the problem: Topics will be selected from submitted requests ranging from health and wellness, faith and relationships, to goal setting and leadership.

Consider the word: Infusing Faith back into our way of life, living out the Legacy we have been left behind, and leaving in our path a Legacy of excellence is a process that works. We will use the ‘Word’ to direct and lead us.

Consider the gift: Great resources take individuals from good to excellent. We have each been gifted with our unique talents, and when pooling together a group of individuals and their mastered gifts and talent we have a gold mind God-given of insight and opportunities at our fingertips.

Consider the choice: Everything comes down to choice. Whether we act or sit back, they are both choices. Having a sounding board of like-minded individuals who have your best interest at heart will support you on your Living Legacy.

   I want you to have all the tools; original live videos, podcasts, forum training & tools used with Legacy Leaders Coaching!

Facebook Group

Building a community of God’s leaders igniting growth and transformation. Join us in our Private Legacy Leaders Facebook  group where we will unite, coach, and inspire. You can access the Heart of Habitué Podcast’ episodes on your time and in your space.

Legacy Leader Forum

Each Legacy Leader coaching call is based off a public forum topic from the ‘Legacy Leaders Forum’ earlier that day. The actual private group coaching that night is exclusive to the Legacy Leader members, optional all members welcome.

Heart of Habitue Blog

Private Legacy Blog

Leaders inspiring leaders is a regular occurrence on the Legacy Leaders private ‘Heart of Habitué Blog’. Guest bloggers among our members help us dig deep into a fulfilled life partnered with God. At home moms, fast paced lifestyles, or business women or men alike get inspired here.

Digital Files

Digital Library

Access to my coaching tools, podcast, and live training sessions remain exclusive to the Legacy Leaders alone. But more important is how to use them. Within the Legacy Leaders group I will direct you to the appropriate tools for your needs and I can work with you on how to use them.

Niccie Kliegl

It’s never too early and it’s never too late to have the life you want!

Better than any magazine subscription, we raise each other up to new heights, within the Kingdom of God!

‘Legacy’ is a word of the past, but ‘to fulfill’ are words of the future… I want you to dream about the life you wish you were living and believe that you can have it.  There is so much out there for us all. God wants us to have it and share it….and that is my passion!

The Legacy Leaders group provides those with a common interest in growth, development, leadership, and fellowship to be infused with truths designed to increase the member’s quality of life, balance, and life fulfillment on an ongoing basis.

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