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What is  Kairos time?

Kairos Time.  [‘kīräs] noun, Greek, the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement.

The Greeks taught a clear distinction about time… as it relates to Chronos and Kairos. In English – there is no clear difference between how these words are used.

Chronos: (is quantitative) refers to clock time – time that can be measured – seconds, minutes, hours, years. Time that goes and cannot be retrieved – once it has gone, it’s gone.

Kairos: (is qualitative) It measures moments, not seconds. The right moment, the opportune moment. The perfect moment. 

We are called to step out of Chronos time into Kairos time. This is where we find the moments in our lives where numerous promises and prophecies come to pass, all in the same season. 

It’s humanly impossible to walk into our divine destiny and purpose without the direction of God and his perfect timin


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I’m an author, life & business coach, and speaker who elevates others into their SWEET SPOTwhere they get more out of life and work because they partner with God, know their divine purpose, and how to TAP INTO THE TRINITY offers. They learn to hear the voice of God, how to effectively call on Him, and to step out boldly knowing that He will provide, protect and propel you into greatness.



I am an author, designer, coach, and speaker who helps women find beauty in the details of their home and life through a 5-Step process. Here they:

RECOGNIZE their need for a designer
REMOVE what is not of value
REPURPOSE broken gifts and mindsets
REDEEM the blueprints to their destiny
REALIZE their purpose through God’s Royal Design.

Everyone, at times, is held back by personal dysfunction and what some might call “bad life-design!” I help women transform their homes inside and out, a home/life transformation.



I am an author, faith-based Life & Inner Healing coach, and speaker who helps women operate in their full potential and destiny – through a 5-Step Process of inner healing and life advancement. Moving from scarcity mindset to God-given abundance… where they go deeper to grow higher.

MY LAND: going from orphan to adoption.
MY PATH: finding your worth and value.
MY GARDEN: embrace pruning/nurturing.
MY FOUNDATION: grow z expand in God.
MY BASEMENT: take dominion/ownership.

This is a courageously beautiful place and we can get there together!


What Are People Saying?


Have you ever felt lost in your own skin? Unsure of your direction? Ashamed of your past? Are you ready to be revived? Kairos Time provides a reset, redirection, and realization that the point of you being on the earth at this very moment in time matters. Authors Angela, Barb, and Niccie breathe life, share hope, and provide clear guidance for anyone seeking God’s direction for their life. .–Daphne V. Smith, Coach, Speaker, and Author of, What’s YOUR Scarlet Letter?.

Daphne V. Smith
CEO author, coach, speaker


I’ve worked with Niccie off and on throughout the years and have seen how passionate she is about sharing ‘The Good News’ with the world in hopes that it will transform them, their homes, their communities, and ultimately the nation. Kairos Time is a wonderful way to reach the masses as she partners with Angela Crist and Barb Miller, connecting with women in all areas of their faith and life. This book addresses the identity problems the world is having by partnering with God and I cannot wait to see how it impacts the world.

Shemane Nugent
Lifestyle and Healthy Living Expert

Kary Oberbrunner

When I saw Niccie, Angela, and Barb’s book proposal I knew it would be a success. These three authors walk you through a powerful journey of pursuing and finding freedom, embracing your inner beauty, and stepping into the call God has on your life.  I love to see our authors weave life application in their books.  When I saw they had an online course and retreat booked with ladies registered BEFORE the book was even out, I knew lives would be changed.

Kary Oberbrunner CEO of ISPA, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author of Unhackable