Part 8 - The Neverending Awaits

The final unit of Core40 considers the fundamental Christian hope of eternal life. These five passages provide a basis for the convictions that members of God’s family have life beyond the grave and that God will bring renewal and ultimate joy in the end.


Bible Text: Revelation 21-22
Focus: Final victory and celebration await the people of God. In the Great Miracle still to come, Jesus will reign forever with his people in a New Heaven and a New Earth.


Bible Text: Romans 8:31-39
Focus: Life as we know it is filled with suffering, heartache, and pain. Both human souls and the created world beyond yearn for renewal and redemption. All will be healed, and all joys will ultimately be realized when the love of God breaks every barrier, restores all brokenness, and unites all things forever.


Bible Text: John 14
Focus: The future hope of Jesus’ followers is not a vague abstraction. Christians believe that their ultimate joy will be in a place; the guarantee of that final joy is experienced already in the presence of a person.


Bible Text: Colossians 1:15
Focus: Because Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead, all who are in him also have the same hope of life beyond the grave.