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Welcome to the Core40 Experience!

This year-long adventure is designed to help you better understand the arc and key concepts that are present in the Christian Bible. Together, we’ll explore forty pivotal passages that as a grid to help you in further study of scripture.

If this is your first time picking up a Bible, it’s our prayer that Core40 can be a delightful first step into God’s Word for you. We pray that you’ll tear through this material and then go on to read more! If you have studied the Bible in the past, and this is a refresher course, we hope that you will feel new vigor to rediscover the encouragement that the Old and New Testaments hold out for believers. And if you are a veteran of the text, we trust that you will be reminded once again of what a special book it is that God has given to his children.

Every week (usually on Wednesday) we will share a new week with you. These passages have been carefully selected as a sort of “appetizer platter”. They are intended to give you a sample of some of the main ideas about God, people, and the world that can be discovered in the Bible. Would you like to receive weekly emails (usually on Wednesday) of the most recent week? If so, click the subscribe button.

May God’s Spirit surround you, enlighten you, and sustain you as you journey with us!

Niccie Kliegl and Tim Breen

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Bible Text: Acts 2
Focus: The intimate community of Jesus’ followers that existed after Easter and his ascension to heaven exploded into a regional movement when the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus before his death, came powerfully on the disciples at Pentecost.


Bible Text: Matthew 16:13-26
Focus: The people of God have a clear mission; as true disciples of Jesus, they will follow him into death. But their death is not meaningless nor is their task without hope, for in the end the gates of Hades will fall before the advances of the church.


Bible Text: John 20:24-31
Focus: The life and ministry of Jesus is not simply a fascinating story; it is a transformative moment that invites the reader to make a decision about Jesus identity and ongoing role in the reader’s life.


Bible Text: Matthew 27-28:15
Focus: After three years of public ministry in Palestine, Jesus is betrayed by one of his disciples, judged by a series of Jerusalem’s rulers, and dies on a cross. Three days later, women intending to visit his tomb are met by an angel announcing his resurrection; they are afterward greeted by Jesus himself.


Bible Text: Matthew 5-7
Focus: The Sermon on the Mount, a collection of some of Jesus’ most memorable teachings, represents the summit and summary of Christian ethics. In it, Jesus affirms many of the Old Testament’s principal lessons while challenging his followers to excel even further in their love for neighbors.


Bible Text: Luke 4:1-30
Focus: After growing up in relative obscurity, thirty-year-old Jesus begins his public ministry. In two dramatic stories, Jesus’ identity as God’s anointed Messiah precipitates conflict and danger.


Bible Text: John 1:1-14
Focus: In poetic and vivid language, the New Testament writer John reflects on the Incarnation (the “coming-into-flesh”) of the Eternal God. When Jesus Christ, who John calls “The Word,” was born, the world witnessed the glory of God and the light of life.


Bible Text: Galatians 3:23-4:7
Focus: At just the right time, God sent his Son to transform the relationship between God and humankind. Whereas the Old Testament law bound and enslaved people, Jesus Christ brought freedom, transformation, and a new status of sonship.


Bible Text: Isaiah 53
Focus: The griefs, pains, and sins of many people can be healed through the willing sacrifice of the Suffering Servant.


Bible Text: Jeremiah 30-31
Focus: A world devastated by suffering and sin can be hopeful because God’s grace establishes a new covenant and new blessings among his people.