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Welcome to the Core40 Experience!

This year-long adventure is designed to help you better understand the arc and key concepts that are present in the Christian Bible. Together, we’ll explore forty pivotal passages that as a grid to help you in further study of scripture.

If this is your first time picking up a Bible, it’s our prayer that Core40 can be a delightful first step into God’s Word for you. We pray that you’ll tear through this material and then go on to read more! If you have studied the Bible in the past, and this is a refresher course, we hope that you will feel new vigor to rediscover the encouragement that the Old and New Testaments hold out for believers. And if you are a veteran of the text, we trust that you will be reminded once again of what a special book it is that God has given to his children.

Every week (usually on Wednesday) we will share a new week with you. These passages have been carefully selected as a sort of “appetizer platter”. They are intended to give you a sample of some of the main ideas about God, people, and the world that can be discovered in the Bible. Would you like to receive weekly emails (usually on Wednesday) of the most recent week? If so, click the subscribe button.

May God’s Spirit surround you, enlighten you, and sustain you as you journey with us!

Niccie Kliegl and Tim Breen

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Bible Text: Galatians 3:23-4:7
Focus: At just the right time, God sent his Son to transform the relationship between God and humankind. Whereas the Old Testament law bound and enslaved people, Jesus Christ brought freedom, transformation, and a new status of sonship.


Bible Text: Isaiah 53
Focus: The griefs, pains, and sins of many people can be healed through the willing sacrifice of the Suffering Servant.


Bible Text: Jeremiah 30-31
Focus: A world devastated by suffering and sin can be hopeful because God’s grace establishes a new covenant and new blessings among his people.


Bible Text: Hosea 1-3
Focus: The Bible uses many word-pictures to describe the fractures created by sin; one of the most poignant depicts the people of God as an adulterous wife who steps out on her faithful husband.


Bible Text: Romans 3
Focus: Sin, brokenness, and ruin are catastrophic. They reside in people everywhere. Rules and regulations aimed at curbing the power of sin, while they help us identify and understand these grave concerns, cannot rescue us from the depths of our disaster.


Bible Text: 1 Samuel 16:1-13
Focus: As God’s people transition from spiritual overseers to conventional kings, God reveals that the condition of the heart is God’s most important leadership criteria.

CORE40 week 7


Bible Text: Deuteronomy 5-6:13
Focus: God reveals his vision for community, family, and personal faithfulness in the revealed words of the Torah – the divinely revealed law codes.

CORE40 week 7


Bible Text: Exodus 3-15
Focus: Under the leadership of Moses, God rescues a group of slaves from bondage in Egypt and transforms them into a new nation.

CORE40 week 7


Bible Text: Genesis 12-15
Focus: God establishes a special relationship with the world through a series of special agreements with a man named Abram and Abram’s descendants.


Bible Text: Genesis 3-11:9
Focus: God created the world good, but greed, pride, and anger marked the first generations of people.