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Welcome to the Core40 Experience!

This year-long adventure is designed to help you better understand the arc and key concepts that are present in the Christian Bible. Together, we’ll explore forty pivotal passages that as a grid to help you in further study of scripture.

If this is your first time picking up a Bible, it’s our prayer that Core40 can be a delightful first step into God’s Word for you. We pray that you’ll tear through this material and then go on to read more! If you have studied the Bible in the past, and this is a refresher course, we hope that you will feel new vigor to rediscover the encouragement that the Old and New Testaments hold out for believers. And if you are a veteran of the text, we trust that you will be reminded once again of what a special book it is that God has given to his children.

Every week (usually on Wednesday) we will share a new week with you. These passages have been carefully selected as a sort of “appetizer platter”. They are intended to give you a sample of some of the main ideas about God, people, and the world that can be discovered in the Bible. Would you like to receive weekly emails (usually on Wednesday) of the most recent week? If so, click the subscribe button.

May God’s Spirit surround you, enlighten you, and sustain you as you journey with us!

Niccie Kliegl and Tim Breen

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Bible Text: Revelation 21-22
Focus: Final victory and celebration await the people of God. In the Great Miracle still to come, Jesus will reign forever with his people in a New Heaven and a New Earth.


Bible Text: Romans 8:31-39
Focus: Life as we know it is filled with suffering, heartache, and pain. Both human souls and the created world beyond yearn for renewal and redemption. All will be healed, and all joys will ultimately be realized when the love of God breaks every barrier, restores all brokenness, and unites all things forever.


Bible Text: John 14
Focus: The future hope of Jesus’ followers is not a vague abstraction. Christians believe that their ultimate joy will be in a place; the guarantee of that final joy is experienced already in the presence of a person.


Bible Text: Hebrews 10:19-25
Focus: Christians believe that the present order will not last forever. In the end, God will remake the world, turning heartache into joy and restoring life back to the perfection he had originally intended. Because they know that day is coming, believers are encouraged to live and interact in new ways.


Bible Text: Colossians 1:15
Focus: Because Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead, all who are in him also have the same hope of life beyond the grave.


Bible Text: Colossians 1:15:23
Focus: The mission of the church parallels the mission of Jesus Christ. As Christ, the universe’s ultimate ruler, left his eternal throne to die for those who were lost, so believers in Jesus must also participate in redemptive activity in order to end the alienation that exists in their world.


Bible Text: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21
Focus: Human society is marked by conflict. Division is everywhere. The Church, as a counteracting agent, works to bridge broken relationships between people and, in Christ, between persons and God.


Bible Text: Matthew 28:16-20
Focus: Because of the finished work of Jesus – and in light of his ongoing reign – followers of the Risen Christ are expected to go to the ends of the earth to continue ministry in his name.


Bible Text: Luke 14:1-24
Focus: The Church is relentlessly invitational. As a consequence, followers of Jesus break social boundaries and taboos, gathering otherwise excluded men and women into loving community. This act of inclusion points to God’s desire to unite all persons in his Kingdom.