Right-use-ness, Righteousness Offering A Brand New Day In Christ

8 May 2017

Paster Mark Haverdink offers Fulfill Your Legacy listeners a great episode on ‘using’ the gift of, righteousness through Christ, to the best of our ability.

If anyone…

Battles with reoccurring memories of past sins

Finds themselves having difficulty letting go of a sin

Feels like something you have done is too big (unworthy of complete forgiveness)

This is a great episode to listen to!

One of my favorite lines was “When the devil reminds you of a past sin, you remind him of his future”, and your righteousness through Christ! Remember that there is nothing too big for Christ and his grace is always sufficient enough. Each morning awake knowing that you are gifted with a new start in Christ.


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Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

Author of Awaking the Living Legacy  

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