13 Aug 2019
Niccie Kliegl
Men thrive


THE PROBLEM: Men tentative about stepping into a deeper relationship with God and what the does to their family. Doubt, frustration, impatience can set in. But I challenge us to think about waiting. Is that truly the problem? There are many opportunities for women and sometimes we leave them behind. We want there to be a movement of strong men leading their family’s faith.

It’s the man mandate says, Chad Farrell

THE WORD: We’re bringing in guest Chad Farrell to share with us some faith-based coaching insights just for men.

  • WHY THE MAN MANDATE: It’s a program based of his journey to go deeper in his faith, to take his family from surviving to thriving. A journey that starts at “Why I am even here…giving man purpose.”
  • YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PERFECT: Something that is important for Chad to impress upon the men he works with is that no man has experienced something that another man has not. The men learn to be transparent, get wise counsel, develop so great man support systems to desire growth and to grow.
  • THE FATHERLESS: Chad saw the effects of fatherless children in his teaching career and knew how impactful it was to have a father. If not your own for sure your heavenly father.
  • DETAILS OF THE MAN MANDATE PROGRAM: The program is broken into 3 parts.
    • Building a strong foundation
    • Leadership from above and below
    • Developing an action plan
  • TEACHING: (THERE ARE 3 PARTS TO EACH OF THE ABOVE LISTED SECTIONS) Chad offers us a few quick tips from the ACTION PLAN SECTION which is taught from the acronym: M.A.N.
    • M=motion
    • A=artistry
    • N=nature

THE GIFT: Chad is offering each listener a FREE video coaching program for men to take their family FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING

THE CHOICE: Wait or wander?

  • FREE WILL: walk in the will of God, or begin to doubt, wonder and wander.


CLOSING with two call-in’s from our men listeners and a reminder to use the free training Chad has offered.

REMEMBER…Jesus looked at them & said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Math 19:26

That’s going to do it for this episode of Living Within the Sweet Spot.
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