LIVING WITHIN THE SWEET SPOT, Episode 41, Miraculous Healing

6 Mar 2019

Episode Description, 

This is YOUR spiritual life coaching show, where you become part of the learning. Today’s show is all about healing and stepping in.

In segment one, I provide a brief faith-based coaching session on health, healing and moving forward. I share with listeners my most sought-after coaching tools and techniques for deeply partnering our life with God, triumphing over challenges, as well as finding and living our God-given life purpose.

In segment two I bring in expert guest Grace Habbershaw speaker, author, and founder of Grace Reconciliation Ministries- reconciling people into their true identity, and promoting reconciliation in broken relationships and reconciliation/restoration of people into their true purpose in life.

In segment three we take call-ins for live coaching on any area that has you stuck. Tune in each Wednesday at 7 am Pacific, 9 am central, 10 am eastern. Please join us and never hesitate to dial in yourself during the last segment of the show, dictated to you!


Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher,
Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN


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