LIVING WITHIN THE SWEET SPOT, Episode 38, 3 Ways To Find Life Purpose And Entrepreneurial Success

2 Jan 2019
Niccie Kliegl

Episode Description, This Episode is to help us all focus on God in the upcoming year. To tap into the Trinity for life purpose and direction. As well as to help entrepreneurs jumpstart their faith-based businesses.


Today’s Living Within the Sweet Spot is geared around HOW to find Life Purpose, and HOW to start or jump-start your small business. God-partnered living changes everything in you work, homes, and communities. Niccie found rapid entrepreneurial growth and she doesn’t take it lightly. She has a system and she shares her secrets with all her listeners on today!

In segment one Niccie shares life purpose secrets, how to first know who and whose you really are and how God made you, which is key. Then she teaches listeners just HOW to live, love, learn and lead according to the call God has on their life.

Segment two is for entrepreneurs success. Niccie walks listeners through her highly sought after Launch Your Legacy programs 10 steps to jump-start your dream job.

In segment three listeners hear from a call in who feels stuck in life, another disappointed in her slow-growing coaching practice, and last an individual who wants to stick to her goals this year, having a history of not staying motivated.


Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher,
Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN


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