FINDING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Knowing your life purpose gains, not knowing, takes- Episode 3

17 Apr 2018

Episode Description

My book, Awaking the Living Legacy, revolves around learning your God-given life purpose. I did this myself and I am passionate about helping others come to this awesome place of life.

The show is broken into 3 parts. Part one, I ‘ll review chapter 3, ‘Do you know what your life purpose may give you or what not knowing may take?’. In this chapter, we look at the blessings that come from living and working within our God-given life purpose. As well as how not knowing and not living within God’s glory means we are depended on ourselves, others, and the world. In part two I coach a client LIVE ON-AIR over the current lesson.

In the third portion of the show, I take call-ins. I’ll always share a FREE coaching tool Download to help you work on each weekly topic independently. So get in the habit of tuning in each Wednesday.

Please Join us for this show and never hesitate to dial in yourself during the last segment of the show, dictated to you!

Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher,
Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

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