FINDING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Claim your seat- Episode 1

3 Apr 2018
Niccie Kliegl

Episode Description

The first section of my book, Awaking the Living Legacy, revolves around learning your life purpose. I know how to help each of us find this. I did this myself and I am passionate about helping others come to this place of life. In today’s call, my guests will be walking through this part of my coaching program on air called, I Am His and He Is Mine.

The first and crucial part of this excellent process is found in discovering where someone is at in the here and now. Self-evaluating is essential to finding your life purpose and you will get a first-hand look at how transforming nonjudgmental evaluating can be. I will use my favorite coaching tool on air, giving you an opportunity to apply it to your own life. Get in the habit of tuning in each Wednesday.

I know how valuable even listening to the transformation of others will be for each and every one of you. Please Join us for this call and never hesitate to dial in yourself during the last segment of the show, dictated to you!

Faith Infused Living…Reaches Goals Higher,
Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN

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