1 Oct 2019
Niccie Kliegl

THIS IS A SPECIAL POST for those of you who either have an online business that isn’t where you hoped it’d be or wish you had one, but have no idea where to start.

  • Those who know God is calling you to something more, but find it too overwhelming to step in.
  • Those who have a dream, and want to go for it, but you don’t want to waste time or money.
  • Those who want to go for it…but fear is holding you back.
  • Those who have already given your business everything you’ve got, and it still isn’t working, impacting, or profiting.
  • Those who know you need help, but are nervous about trusting someone with that role.

I would love to connect WITH YOU!

I’ve been keeping track of entrepreneurs and entrepreneur hopefuls who have looked into my Launch Your Legacy program, and I’ve interviewed them. But, before I close the doors on my fall session, I wanted to check in with my God-partnered circle of friends. 

If you or someone you know has a burning desire to change the world… (For me it felt like a nudge I couldn’t keep quiet.)

Then click below!
I’d like to meet with you. I am filling my last spots this week!

Here’s a quick little story to help you understand how powerful this 3-month program is. I met Jodie on a plane. Yep, that’s us after spending 2 hours together between Minneapolis and California. She had a dream that I knew God set in her and I wanted to help her make it happen. She is now doing what she loves and impacting young women everywhere. Please, feel free to take me up on connecting about your hopes, fears, wins, or failures… OR, share this with someone you think is being called by God to serve in this way.

I will be meeting with individuals through Saturday morning.

➡️ Thirty-minute one-on-one session to share where you are on this dream, to get to know me AND ask any questions about Launch Your Legacy.

➡️ Get some quick-acting tips to proceed in your business, regardless of your readiness for Launch Your Legacy.

  • Website Consult
  • Product Review
  • Branding Advice
  • 3 Next Steps Action Plan

Join me by setting up an appointment today!


The Fall Launch Your Legacy coaching program begins October 5.
Just 3 months, meeting once a week to get your business up and running with

Niccie Kliegl CLC, RN


Learn more about Jodie Swee at Live Idlewild with Jodie Swee

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