As For Me and My House Community


  • Use the comment box below to share with us your journey and how God is changing your family through Embracing the Loving Legacy.

  • While you are here, read through the comments that others have left and encourage them by replying to their testimony.

  • I pray that as you see the life-giving testimonies below they will help you become even more passionate about supporting and encouraging your own family to know, love, and serve God. We’d love to have you with the LEGACY LEADERS, a faith-based coaching and Christian leadership development group with Niccie personally each day.

  • Being part of this community leaves an inward impression upon your mind, heart, and soul… which then leaves an outward expression that others cannot deny.

With your help, we are slowly transforming our nation one home, one individual, at a time.


  • April says:

    I honestly didn’t think this book would impact me or my family, but as I started going through it I found nuggets of truth that I’ve been incorporating into my home. The chapters on parenting and finance hit me hard and exposed that there are places in my home that are not flourishing as much as they could. Now my family and I are going back through the book and writing out our covenants. I’m excited to see our two young kids feel like they have ownership in what they want our home to look like. I know that at the end of our journey I will be able to confidently say that “As for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.”

  • Niccie Kliegl says:

    I see families every day stepping out. Learning of God, who He is and how He hopes to work in our life. I see Him transform their life and the lives of those around them. I hope you find it helpful to read other people’s testimonials. AND PLEASE, ADD IN YOUR OWN. Even add in things you have witnessed in others that increased your faith by simply pbserving from the outside. This will likely help other individuals faith increase as well.


    Blessings Friends –Niccie

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