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Hi, I’m Niccie

I’m an author, life & business coach, and speaker who elevates others into their SWEET SPOT, where they get more out of life and work because they partner with God, know their divine purpose, and tap into all the Trinity offers. Here, they fulfill their legacy…they live, love, learn, and lead according to the call God has on their life!

I spent 20+ years in my dream job and one day found myself KNOWING I was supposed to do something more. I had no idea what it was, but God did. For the first time in my life, I tapped into Him and started getting answers. Now I help thousands of others do the same:

Let's Connect About Your Next Steps

The Fulfill Your Legacy 4-Part Process

Whether you’re looking for life coaching or business coaching I know of the power behind partnering your life and work with God. It doesn’t matter where you are in your faith journey, like me starting out, new to it all or deeply rooted, this works! Everyone who works with me becomes a Legacy Leader and learns to Tap into the Trinity©. (Reaching goals higher than they ever dreamed possible. Matthew 19:26)

Based on my 4-part discipleship series, ‘The Legacy Series’.

Awaking the Living Legacy

Find growth and transformation in: Your God-given life purpose through adoption by faith • Affirmation of your perfection through Christ • The value of making mistakes and how they propel believers into greatness • The art of making wise choices in the future • The truth and healing that is gained from forgiveness and grace • The Legacy Jesus left for you and how to abide in its abundance

Embracing the Loving Legacy

In this book, you will learn to EMBODY God’s truth as a family, ENGAGE in the six family covenants, and ELEVATE your family above anything you ever imagined. The six faith based areas of family transformation are House, Marriage, Parenting, Health, Finances, and Community. Through this impactful book and Niccie’s Family Covenants, homes across the world are being transformed.

Sustaining the Learning Legacy

Book Coming Soon
Book Coming Soon

Possessing the Leading Legacy

Life Coaching Based on My Books


Life Coaching

This is the perfect faith-based life coaching program to get your life succeeding beyond anything you could dream of.

I teach you how to hear the voice of God, to know how he has called you, and how to step in boldly for true life transformation.

Coaching offered in 3 ways:


Home Coaching

Book 2 in the Legacy Series, is about next steps. Once your life is God-partnered the next step is to bring God’s love into your home. 

I love coaching families in their home, giving hope and direction that only God can offer for true family transformation. 

Coaching offered in 3 ways:


Outreach Coaching

The ‘Learning Legacy’ takes coaching into your community where I coach individuals, discipleship teams, and communities ready to see how God’s love transforms all. Using Jesus as our example we find ways to lovingly reach out, connect, serve, and impact the lives of all of our communities. 

This can be overwhelming when you are not equipped but, we have the best teacher and with God we are more than enough! This program will be released in spring of 2022.


Mission Coaching

The ‘Leading Legacy’ coaching program is powerful because it’s where we learn to activate the power of the Holy Spirit. In our own lives first, extending out to each and every sister and brother throughout the land.

This coaching is done in workshop and seminar settings. Partnered with non-profits across the world we are making big changes through the power fo the Holy Spirit. This unique process of teaching the world to ‘Tap Into the Trinity’ is world transforming.

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Your legacy

Launch Your Legacy is a highbred  business program that succeeds where others fall short. I’m so passionate about doing this program in different. It’s affordable and fast paced. It includes EVERYTHING you need to get going and has loads of personal support from me:

Fire ring
Business Track

I love running Fire Ring Business Track! This 12-month premium Mastermind is for select high performers focused on increasing their Influence, Impact, and Income

We use The Fire Path as our core content. In this Mastermind, I help you launch your products and services. Whether you’re starting or scaling, you will experience business growth as you clarify your offer, strengthen your sales message, and optimize your minimum viable funnel.

One of the great things about Fire Ring is the quarterly workshops for hands on help and community support. Bonuses include:

Join the Legacy Leader Community


The Legacy Leaders get FREE access to all Niccie’s Legacy Series Online Coaching Programs as a bonus!

Moms, dads, young or old, single, married, entrepreneur, or feeling confused about what to do next…This active and life-giving membership community learns to get more out of life and to help those close to them do the same. The Legacy Leaders elevate life by Tapping the Trinity© as they learn to LIVE-LOVE-LEARN-LEAD according to the call God has on our lives. Join us!

MONTHLY live 1 on 1 life & health coaching.
MONTHLY live 1 on 1 business coaching.
WEEKLY faith-based Bible study and tools.
WEEKLY track goals & prayer requests.
DAILY Bible in a year & live inspiration from Niccie

Bring Niccie To Your Next Event

Bring Niccie to your next event for SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND LIFE ADVANCEMENT!

DAY LONG WORKSHOPS live and virtual
KEYNOTE live and virtual
RETREATS small in home or large convention/church

Living Within the Sweet Spot Podcast

What Are People Saying?


Daphne V. Smith
Coach, Speaker, and Author

I am Daphne V. Smith, coach, speaker, and author guiding high-achieving women to greater clarity, confidence and courage in order to live by design, with intention, and in authenticity.

Niccie customized our group’s experience. She came prepared and ready to serve every single week in order to ensure each participant received what they sought. As a result, I am attracting more clients. The solutions and services I offer are now clearer and more accessible.

I highly recommend Niccie to individuals ready to clarify or up-level their business.


Pastor Tim Breen
Lead Pastor, Orange City, Iowa

“Niccie is an exciting new leader whose compassion and conviction comes through in equal measure in Awaking the Living Legacy.

Her writing provides the sorts of probing questions and toolkit of next steps to jumpstart spiritual maturation in its readers.

Both theologically rooted and highly applicable, this work will become an important conversation partner for anyone who is seeking fresh direction in life’s journey toward legacy.”

Happy couple

Joe and Karen
Certified Legacy Coaches

Months ago we found ourselves in the worst place. On the outside, we looked like a couple who had it all but in reality, we were broken. Our marriage was falling apart and we were headed for divorce. Counseling had failed, our marriage was based on lies and we were done. through the grace of God’s plan, we were aligned with Niccie and agreed to one more shot.

Through Niccie’s guidance, today we are a living testimony to the transforming power of God’s grace, healing, and forgiveness. We are forever indebted to her love of God and her leadership and commitment to us. Niccie has a heart of service and even in the worst of circumstances, she brings out God’s plan and purpose for you.